A ‘Phoenix’ Story

A few years ago our home was nearly destroyed. A local utility company had a pump malfunction resulting in more than half a million gallons flooding the basement, which housed the Norrell Photography portrait studio. It […]

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Yosemite FireFall

 Something utterly spectacular can happen in Yosemite National Park during the latter part of February.  There is a small, ephemeral waterfall named Horse Tail Fall that tumbles from the top of El Capitan toward the […]

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2017 Nature Photography Calendar

The new 2017 nature photography calendar from the Norrell Gallery is now available for $29.99. This year’s calendar consists of all new images taken during the past year from Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho. […]

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Maroon Bells

In addition to the beautiful scenery in Colorado’s national parks, there are other spectacular sites. One is the Maroon Bells Recreation Area near Aspen. I’ve heard it is actually the most popular photography site in […]

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Jackson Lake Sunset

I recently returned from five nights at Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park. While some of the campsites are a bit crowded, there are sites along the edges of several loops with sites close […]

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LeHardy Rapids Grizzly Bear Feast

Sometime around the second week of August, an injured bison was seen walking into the Yellowstone River upstream of the LeHardy Rapids. The bison was reported to have a large abscessed wound near his rear. The annual […]

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A Walk in the Devil’s Garden

Winter can be a beautiful time to visit Arches National Park. Obviously it will not be blazing hot as can be the case during the summer months. When the sun is out, the days can […]

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Impressionist Nature Images

Nature photography is a diverse artistic endeavor, with many perspectives and opinions. I have always tried to produce images that reflect the natural beauty of our world. Doing that with a camera often requires techniques […]

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Winter in Yellowstone

Although most of the roads in Yellowstone National Park are closed for the winter, the north entrance at Gardiner, Montana does remain open, along with the road through the northern part of the park to […]

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Triptych Sets

Triptychs from the Norrell Gallery Triptych sets now available directly from the Norrell Gallery. Each triptych set consists of three panels. Choose either stretched canvas or paper for your print medium. Triptych paper prints will […]

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