Learning To See

Good photographers are constantly learning. Your first 100,000 photos are probably your worst. Over time, the ‘keeper rate’ goes up as one learns what techniques work best and for what visual scenes. This page will be used to link to some discussions and tutorials that others might find useful in their artistic evolution. When new information is posted, I will mention it on the blog. So follow the blog and I hope the content will be beneficial to others.

– Greg

Coping With Dynamic Range in Digital Landscape Photography 

This article discusses three methods of dealing with excess dynamic range in the post-processing of fine art nature photography images.

Learning to See – Human Eyes & Camera Sensors

A discussion of the differences in how cameras capture the scenes we see, and how we can use those differences to produce photographic art.

Shooting Panoramas

A tutorial devoted to the methods for planning and shooting panoramic scenes.

Yellowstone Tips

Tips and information to get the most out of your visit to our oldest national park.