Greg Norrell

Greg NorrellGreg Norrell is a veteran nature photographer in the Intermountain West. Originally trained as a geologist, Greg moved to eastern Idaho in the early 1990’s. A fascination with the scenery of both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks soon ensued, eventually resulting in a career change. Over the years, a unique style was honed resulting in imagery with depth and perspective that artistically represents the magnificence of nature. Living just outside Yellowstone and the Tetons has allowed Greg to develop an intimate familiarity with some of the best landscape and nature scenery the west has to offer.

While Greg still spends a considerable amount of time in Yellowstone and the Tetons, he fits in a few more distant trips each year to other beautiful regions in the American West (and beyond). His portfolio includes work from throughout the desert southwest to the Pacific coast. For those visiting Idaho, his work is on display at the Norrell Gallery of Photographic Art in Idaho Falls. For those not in the area, peruse these galleries to find an idyllic perspective to preserve a vacation memory or simply act as a reminder of the vast beauty of our natural world.

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