Winter in Yellowstone

Although most of the roads in Yellowstone National Park are closed for the winter, the north entrance at Gardiner, Montana does remain open, along with the road through the northern part of the park to Silver Gate. While considerably fewer people visit this winter wonderland compared to the summer months, wildlife in the northern part of the park is abundant. Bears, of course, are hibernating. But bison, elk, moose, wolves, coyotes, bighorn sheep and more are awake and searching for food. Bighorn sheep capitalize on their sure-footed abilities to search the steep slopes for food, where they are safer from predators and the steep terrain prevents deep snow from accumulating, making it easier to find vegetation to eat.

This shot is a healthy adult feeding on a hill. The snow on the tips of his horns is from using his head to move the snow to find food.

Bighorn sheep in Yellowstone National Park during winter

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